You are interested in an Airedale Terrier? Welcome to my internet site.

I would like to make all relevant information regarding this great breed available to you.


As the mother of the puppies is just as important for me as the puppies themselves, I value breeding which is appropriate for the breed and brings forth offspring of solid nature and strong instincts  which especially match the standard of the breed.

I will be supported by Frank Ulbrich (Airedale Terrier "Royal workers" ), who has successfully bred his dogs in Steinfurt for decades and who was able to achieve many outstanding successes at IGP dog sports. I was able to accompany the last few litters of his kennel so that my experience has increased to a point at which I want to start my own kennel with a very expressive bitch from his kennel. 


  • The mating of Zid and Casanova von Haus Schirmer took place on Feb. 2nd 22. They liked each other at first sight. The litter is expected for the beginning of April.